Friday, May 22, 2009

Blood Donation Camp Organised By Bunts Youth Wing

Bunts Youth Wing in collaboration with the Bunts Medical centre had organized a blood donation camp on 10th May 09 at the Bunts Ladies hostel. This drive was aimed at contributing to the welfare of the community through such social initiatives.

This collective effort was supported and backed by Mr. Manohar Hegde, chairperson Bunts medical centre and efficiently supervised by the doctors of G.T Hospital. The drive received tremendous response with the participation of more than 100 donors. The program which began at 9.00 a.m went on till 6.00 in the evening and we managed to stock a good amount of blood units.

The donors comprised of youth wing members, hostelites from the bunts ladies and boys hostel, members of Bunts sangha’s senior committee & Mahila Vibhag and a special participation of those guests who had come to attend a marriage ceremony at the Bunts sangha auditorium and willingly came forward to volunteer for this noble cause. Every donor’s contribution was acknowledged with a certificate along with a donor’s card which can be redeemed by them anywhere across India whenever the need arises. The donated blood would be distributed to the needy through G.T hospital.

bunts youth wing
In the Pic [L-R : Suresh Shetty - Chairman Youth Wing Sion - Colaba Region, Prasanna Shetty - Treasurer Youth Wing, Sapna Shetty, Gautam Shetty - Chairman Youth Wing, Reshma Shetty - Gen.Secretary Youth Wing, Dr. Manohar Hegde - Chairman Bunts Health Care Centre, Vijeeth Shetty - Joint Secretary Youth Wing, Ritesh Shetty - Joint Treasurer Youth Wing]

Youth wing expresses sincere gratitude to all the donors for showing such great enthusiasm and zest and all those actively involved in making this campaign a success. Special thanks to Mrs. Asha Hegde for supporting us throughout this endeavor and Mr. Sadanand Shetty who has been one of the most active members of the Bunts Youth wing.

Youth wing has always been proactive in supporting a social cause and will continue to serve those in need. Anyone in need of blood may contact us through the Bunts Sangha Office.

Congratulations to all! Your contributions may save many lives!!

- Article by Rishika Shetty

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