Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sponsors for Aakansha aka Mr. & Ms. Bunts 2008

We would like to take this oppournity to introduce ourself as Bunts of Mumbai, a community that owns & runs 85% of hotels & wine shops in the Metro city, Mumbai. Our commonly known surnames are Shetty, Rai, Hegde, Chowta, Bhandary to name a few. Our community has also excelled in other business & services, to name a few celebrities, Mr. Manmohan Shetty – Director, Producer & CMD – Walkwater Media, Actors & Actresses like Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Ashwariya Rai. Ganesh Hegde (Choreographer), Rohit Shetty (Director), Sandeep Chowta (Music Director), Ratnakar Shetty – (Ex-Chairman, BCCI).

Approximately 2 lakh of our community members are based in Mumbai and are associated with our Sangha known as Bunts Sangha Bombay Established in 1927, the sangha was formed to work towards the welfare of our community and mankind. Bunts Sangha Bombay owns and runs S.M.Shetty High School, Shashi Manmohan Shetty Anna Leela College of Commerce, Nityanand Kannada Shool, Karnataka Free Night High School, Mathurbhoomi Co-operative Credit Society, Geetha S.M.Shetty Ladies Hostel and old-age home. We also have our monthly magazine, which is published under the name of Buntaravani.

Women in our community are also known for their dynamic roles in the society. They share equal efforts in Bunts sangha, and they take care of the old age home and ladies hostel in the premises of Bunts Sangha Mumbai at Kurla.

Bunts sangha Bombay has a very strong belief in the Youth members of our community. The youth members has their own group which is known as Youthwing. Established in 1993, Youthwing is a non-profit group of young and likeminded people from the bunts community, working towards the betterment of the society, primarily for the Bunts Community. Along with social welfare activities, Youthwing also organises the best of entertainment and sports related events in Mumbai.

Youthwing has always been a part of Bunts Sangha, but from this year Youthwing is officially a part of the Bunts Sangha constitution. In simple words, Youthwing is bigger and better now, and there's no looking back from here.

We have our annual event “Aakansha” aka “Mr & Ms.Bunts” on Dec 27th, 2008. This is the most awaited event in the Bunts community. We have been doing this event for over a decade now, and it keeps better with every year. The amazing thing about Aakansha is that, it attracts the masses, the classes, the young, the old, basically people from all walks of life.

The title of Mr & Miss Bunts is decided with a round of introduction in tulu or kannada, a ramp walk in traditional clothes, a round of ramp walk in evening wears, and a final round of question-answers asked by the judges. 5 contestants are shortlisted for the question and answer round. Three winners are chosen out of the 5 shortlisted contestants, on the basis of their physical apperance, stage presence, confidence, and intelligence.

This year, we are introducing Ajja & Ajji of the year, where grandpas and grandmas can get a chance to be a part of this huge event. They will have a introduction round, followed by a final question and round.

Apart from the fame and recognition, the winners go home with lot of prizes, which also includes a cash prize. Aakansha can really play a important role in all those youngsters, who have a desire for modeling.

This event is covered by major newsprints, witnessed by more than 1200 people & crowned by high-profile personalities.

You can make your presence felt in this mega event, by being one of our sponsors. We would be happy to associate your brand with us for which following are the benefits offered to you:

  1. Witnessed by 1200 people in auditorium.
  2. Sponsor’s name in the Backdrop
  3. Sponsor’s ad on our website (under construction) for 1 year.
  4. Sponsor’s name in our monthly magazine Buntaravani.
  5. Sponsor’s name in Kannada newspaper Udayawani & Karnataka Malla – read by approx. 1 million readers in & around Mumbai & Karnataka.

These are the rates for sponsoring this event:

  1. Full sponsorship: 5 lac.
  2. Co-sponsors: 3 lac.
  3. Dinner sponsorship 1.5 lac.
  4. Single round sponsorship 1 lac

For any queries or further clarifications please do contact us.

Looking forward for your kind association with Youth Wing, always!

Bunts Sangha Bombay

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